Blank Canvas Presents a Holiday Play Based on …the Die Hard Movies!

Photo from the Chicago production of “Yippee Ki-Yay, Merry Christmas”

Fri 12/6-Sat 12/21

You’ll find no Christmas Story or A Christmas Carol at Blank Canvas Theatre. Even for the holidays, you can count on them to dig up something off the wall to present.

This year it’s the Cleveland premiere of Yippee Ki-Yay, Merry Christmas: A Die Hard Musical Parody. Set in the over-the-top Los Angeles of the 80s, its mangled storyline has something to do with a New York City cop trying to win back his estranged wife at a Christmas Eve office party. Terrorists, the FBI and a character named “Arnold Schwartzen-Schnitzel” get involved. In other words, pretty much the sort of craziness that the Blank Canvas folks love to sink their teeth into and that their audiences eat up — so much so we’d advise grabbing tickets quickly before they sell out.

“This show contains adult language and content,” they warn. But you knew that.

It runs Thursday through Saturdays @ 8pm, and Sundays @ 7pm, through Sat 12/21. Tickets are $20.


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