Artists Choose Colleagues & Friends for Yards Project’s Artists Select Show

Thu 12/5 @ 6-9PM

The Yards Project’s Artists Select show has the goal of reaching out to include artists who may be unfamiliar in the local exhibition circuit. They call it “an organic, offbeat mix of contemporary art outside the purview of the classic curator/artist relationship.” Artists who were part of the show last year choose the artists to participate this year, reaching out to colleagues, teachers and friends to enlarge the pool of artists who get exposed to area art lovers.

Lake Ridge Academy teacher Ann Bort was chosen by fellow teacher Carolyn Ballou while Aaron Foster picked his Kent State colleague Taryn McMahon. CIA student Michael Meier picked fellow CIA student Zak Smoker, Liz Maugans chose Mark Keffer, and Orlando Caraballo Ortiz picked Alex Overbeck.

The show’s opening at the Worthington Yards building in the Warehouse District on Thu 12/5 @ 6-9pm also includes a makers’ market with fine-art works and artisan handcrafted items for sale for holiday gifting. Artists include Dana Depew, Amy Morgenstern, Michael Loderstedt, Lori Kella, Catherine Butler, S. Jordan Fine, April Bleakney, Linda Barberic, Val Grossman and artists from her Brick Ceramic workshop facility, and work from Zygote Press artists.

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