Artist Arabella Proffer Explores “The Restrooms of Cleveland”

Thu 12/5 @ 6-10PM

You know how you get a silly idea every once in a while, talk about it and then forget it and move on to something else? As a kid, I had this idea of taking pictures of all the gas station restrooms we stopped at on family vacations. But I never did that.

Painter Arabella Proffer talked about it and talked some more — and then just when you thought she might have given it up, she did it and made a book about it. The book The Restrooms of Cleveland makes its debut at Judd’s City Tavern, 10323 Madison, this week. Join her there for cake and cocktails to celebrate the publication; she’ll be selling and signing copies of the 80-page full-color volume.

“I can’t quite articulate what the criteria was for this book, but my gut always told me when it was something special. Bars, theaters, warehouses, grocery stores, dental offices, auto garages, utility buildings, private clubs, pinball arcades, museums, schools, breweries, retirement homes, churches, furniture stores, and coffee shops are just some of the places you will find in this book,” she says. It is a testament to the fact I hydrate often and have a weak bladder with little regard for location.”

“Someone once said that in order to understand a society at any given time, to look at their restrooms,” she adds. “Find out if your favorite restroom made the cut to be preserved and documented for the ages!”





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