Vivian Leva/Riley Calcagno Traditional Music Duo Is back at Riverdog Retreat

Sat 11/9 @ 7:30PM

Vivian Leva grew up in a musical home in the small town of Lexington in Virginia’s lovely Shenandoah Valley where she was steeped in traditional country and Appalachian music. In 2016 she and her mother travelled west to Washington state to teach at a music camp. While there, Vivian met Riley Calcagno, whose band the Onlies was teaching at the following session. They hit it off bigtime, and they’ve been making beautiful music together since.

The following year, Leva joined the Onlies on tour, and she and Calcagno began writing and performing as a duo. And when Leva released her 2018 debut album Time Is Everything on Free Dirt Records, Calcagno played banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin, added vocal harmonies and co-produced. Together they perform classic country, honky-tonk, mountain ballads and contemporary Americana, and it looks likely their next release will find them co-headlined.

Leva and Calcagno will be returning to Lorain County’s Riverdog Retreat for their third appearance there. Admission is $17, and there will be complementary snacks. Of course you are welcome to bring your own picnic basket and cooler as well.



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