Shaker Heights Library Forum Looks at How to Increase Voter Turnout

Wed 11/13 @ 7PM

One of the issues weakening our democratic governance is poor voter turnout. A mix of cynicism, negative campaigning and lack of factual coverage in a media which prefers shallow “gotcha” moments to accurate reporting on impactful issues have combined to discourage participation, while confusing voter requirements, purges and other schemes by politicians who don’t want voters to come to the polls have made things even worse.

The result is that elections that have the most impact on us — municipal elections, judicial elections, elections for the state legislature — often have dismal turnouts, with a quarter or less of eligible voters.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland’s Shaker Heights branch is hosting a forum on the topic of how to increase voter turnout, taking place at the Shaker Heights Public Library’s main branch. Guests include Mike Brickner, Ohio state director of All Voting Is Local, an organization dedicated to increasing turnout and fighting voter suppression; Anthony Perlatti, director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections; and Jen Miller, director of the League of Women Voters Ohio.

It’s free and open to all.

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