Sculptor Elizabeth Emery Speaks at Community Culture Night at Art House

Fri 11/8 @ 7PM

Periodically Art House Inc, in Cleveland’s Brooklyn Center neighborhood, hold its community culture nights to give people the chance to hear from and talk to a practicing artist who works in the community.

This month it’s Elizabeth Emery, who creates “anthropomorphic” sculptures using material such as clay, plaster or concrete in ways that suggest they are softer and more malleable than they are, while contrasting them with textile elements that are indeed soft.

She says, “My aim is not deception, but rather a twisting of preconceptions. Casting plaster, concrete, or clay into soft fabric forms lacking structure contradicts the effects of weight, pressure, and gravity on shifting shapes. That thin line where one surface, texture, or color meets another is where tension emerges. Colors intertwine, patterns overlap, and the bulbous forms envelop foreign objects, such a gold-leafed pair of young girl’s boots, or random tiny fiber remnants of the process.”

Learn what influenced her and how she executes this work. The evening is free and open to all.


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