NE Ohio Novelist & NY Poet Read at Brews + Prose at Market Garden Brewery

Mary Doria Russell

Tue 11/12 @ 7PM

Brews + Prose usually takes place at Market Garden Brewery on the first Tuesday of each month. But this month they don’t want to do anything to distract from voting on November 5, so they’ve bounced the event to the second Tuesday.

The featured writer/readers this month are Cleveland resident Mary Doria Russell and Brooklyn-based Marwa Helal.

Russell’s background is intriguing for an author of six highly praised works of fiction. She has a doctorate in biological anthropology with a research specialty in facial bone structure of Neanderthal people.

Her fiction shows evidence of a scientific mind, with deep research into the periods and places where her books take place. And those places, along with the topics, variety widely as well. Her first two books were speculative fiction, abutting on science fiction. She followed that with a historical thriller, historical romance, a western murder mystery and a recreation of a well-known piece of western mythology. Her settings range from Dodge City in the 1870s to the American Midwest in the post-WWI years, to the Middle East in 1921, and Italy during WWII. Her new book, The Women of the Copper Country, delves into the story of a woman labor union organizer in Michigan in the early years of the 20th century.

Poet/journalist Marwa Helal was born in Egypt and has an MFA in creative fiction from the New School along with a BA in journalism and international studis from Ohio Wesleyan University in central Ohio. Her work has appeared in many small magazines and anthologies, she has published two books: 2017’s I AM MADE TO LEAVE I AM MADE TO RETURN and 2019’s Invasive species.

The program is free, and if you buy a book, you get a free beer!




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