Lovestruck Balladeers Cross Eras & Miles in Their Eclectic Music at GA.R. Hall

Sat 11/9 @ 8PM

 The Lovestruck Balladeers are five guys who are lovestruck by the diversity potential of music. They play a wide variety of instruments including fiddles, clarinet, mandolins trio, acoustic and electric guitar, upright bass, banjos and piano, along with multiple vocals, which they can deploy in numerous configurations. They’ve absorbed music from different eras, genres and parts of the globe into their eclectic repertoire, which can feature ballads and waltzes, swing tunes and traditional country, old-time and ragtime.

Although the players have been working individually for years, playing with various ensembles and projects and building reputations in jazz, bluegrass, country rock, old-time, folk and world music community, they came together as a quintet just last year during recording sessions for Jalopy Records release Estrellas de Radio.

They’re currently on a short tour in anticipation of their first group release. They’ll be coming to Peninsula’s G.A.R. Hall. Tickets are $16 in advance, $20 at the door.



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