Learn How Impeachment Works at Cleveland Heights Forum

Photo by Max Price/Creative Commons

Thu 11/7 @ 7PM

It was more than 45 years ago that President Richard M. Nixon resigned when he was facing imminent impeachment for covering up a plot to steal information from national Democratic Party headquarters in order to benefit his reelection. So most people, even engaged activists, don’t have a clear recollection of what was at stake and how the impeachment process was playing out to give context to the current process of impeachment of Trump. And, of course, he and his supporters are throwing as much confusion into the discourse as they can muster, constantly suggesting that this or that piece of the process is illegitimate, illegal or unconstitutional (Fact: it’s not. If he’s as innocent as he claims, he has nothing to fear). Many more will remember the impeachment of President Bill Clinton over … well, let’s just say he didn’t put the democratic process at risk, the way Nixon did.

If all of this is flying around your head like so many chirping birds, come out to the Cleveland Heights Community Center where the Cleveland Heights Democrats, the Cuyahoga Democratic Women’s Caucus and the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats are hosting a forum on “The Nuts and Bolts of impeachment.” They’re not going to tell you if Trump is guilty or not; that’s what the impeachment process is designed to discover. Instead, Jeremy Paris of the national public policy and public affairs firm the Rabin Group will explain what the Constitution says about impeachment, the history of the process, and how it all works.

It’s free and open to all who are curious and open-minded.


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