Have a S’more for S’more Brite Winter

Fri 11/15 @ 6-9PM

It begins with a S’morefest and moves into a winter festival as the donations come in. Have you ever been told that Cleveland’s a generous community? This is one of those times when we can give back.

And enjoy winter. The fundraising event to support Cleveland’s first outdoor festival of the year Brite Winter, the S’Morefest gives us warm fires, unlimited delicious opportunities to eat s’mores, and live music. The event promises “some good tunes, good eats, and Cleveland vibes,” but makes no guarantees on the weather.

On Fri 11/15, make your way to Merwin’s Wharf on the West Bank of the Flats, right along the river. For $20 ($10 18 and under — kids are welcome!), you can enjoy unlimited s’mores and access to cozy fire pits where live music will provided by Brent Kirby, Jul Big Green, Archie Green and Jason Meyers, all of whom have played at one of the past Brite Winter festivals. Your donation of time and money will make Brite Winter the event you love and remember.

It’s not just a party. Brite Winter’s mission is “to contribute to the Cleveland cultural landscape with a free/low cost, and accessible events during underserved times of the year, like winter; an event where anyone can experience our city through traditional and innovative activities. Brite Winter marries fire, participatory art, food, music, and games to build community while helping us embrace the cold winter months.” The organizers see Brite Winter as an event in deep winter that showcases Northeastern Ohio’s artists, musicians, and creative culture.

After eleven years, Brite Winter has been in three neighborhoods, showcased hundreds of bands and artists, and hosted thousands of guests. The organizers act on faith — what will happen will happen with the weather, the people who attend, and all the creative people who are part of the event. They prepare for anything by bringing together people and the elements. When it’s dark and cold outside. Celebrating it.

Brite Winter will be being staged on Saturday, February 22, 2020 @ 3pm-1am. But really — you want to know what this is, exactly. It’s music, fun local stuff to buy, lots of fire, drinks, art experiences, food trucks, ice carving and other creative endeavors. It’s free and open to the public and supported by the public. That’s the reason for the S’morefest. And can you resist a s’more anyway?


Claudia J. Taller is a Cleveland writer, yoga teacher, retreat leader, and founder and owner of Igniting Possibilities, which helps people be more creative and open to all life has to offer. She likes long walks, drawing and painting, and being open to possibilities. Who knows where life’s next adventure will take you? Learn more about her at http://claudiajtaller.com/.

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