Have a Meow-y Cats’Mas at the Millard Fillmore on Waterloo

Sat 12/7 @ 7PM

Does your world revolve around cats? I’m betting not as much as Jessica Manko’s. In addition to her day job working at spay/neuter clinic PetFix, she volunteers with area cat rescues and does freelance trap/neuter/release (I should know; one of her “catches” now lives with me!)

Two years ago she got the idea of getting cat lovers together for a holiday party where they could sit around and talk about cats over drinks all evening without boring anyone. So she held the first “Meow-y Cats’mas” at the Millard Fillmore on Waterloo.

The third edition of the evening takes place there again. There’ll be snacks, drink special, raffles, games, cat merch for sale, and a gift swap — $5 and a wrapped gift to participate (doesn’t have to be cat-related but that would be a safe bet). Money raised will go to the Waterloo Alley Cat Project and Lauren’s City Cats in the Flats.

Admission is free.


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