Happy Dog Takes on the World Discusses the Ethics of Modern Warfare

Tue 12/3 @ 7:30PM

This month’s Happy Dog Takes on the World grapples with a difficult issue: the ethnics of war. In “How We Fight and Why It Matters: Ethics in foreign military operations today,” three panelists will grapple with the rules of engagement in the evolving warfare of the 21st century.

With the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions in the 2000s, Americans were bombarded with disturbing reports, most famously the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. How did such events occur and what is their impact on the U.S. military? What is the proper and most effective response to non-state combatants — terrorists such as al-Queda or Isis — who are not bound by the Geneva Conventions?

The panelists will explore such questions as how military ethics have evolved, how they are enforced, how they affect the international standing of the U.S. and how public opinion has changed. They include Grant Goodrich, executive director of Great Lakes Energy Institute and an Iraq War veteran; James Johnson of the King War Crimes Research Office, Case Western Reserve University School of Law; and Lisa N. Lindsay, coordinator of the CWRU Inamori Center for Ethics and Excellence. Carina Van Vliet moderates.

It take place at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square, where you can drink beer and munch on hotdogs as you mull over ideas. It’s free and open to the public.


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