Start with a strong base, and build from there. A good breakfast of fruit and fiber. A strong core for biking and hiking. Supported by a community that supports everyone, so we all rise together.

Mansfield has his doubtsthat everyone is on board with systemic change, when so many are just fine with the system the way it is. Some are working hard to make that very change. They’re discussing “The Nuts and Bolts of Impeachment” at the Cleveland Heights Community Center. The League of Women Voters hosts a forum in Shaker Heights exploring how to remedy traditionally low voter turnout in local, off-year elections. The Y-Haven Project gives formerly homeless men an outlet to share their stories in self-penned and -acted theater pieces.

We’re announcing a series of fun events to celebrate David Bowie’s birth and death anniversaries in January with three consecutive Fridays at 3 different venues: The Winchester Music Tavern, BOP STOP and CLE Urban Winery, entitled, A Friday Night With(out) David Bowie. They’re mashing up poetry and yoga with a Yoetry session in Rocky River. The Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory uses its own kozo tree garden to grow the material it makes paper from. RUBBERBAND Dance Group is fusing classical dance with urban pop. A Scrabble tournament at Goldhorn Brewery is benefitting foster child services. To see how all this might actually lift our community, CWRU’s Dr. Anthony Jack explains how analytic reason and empathetic reason relate to each other in the brain. We’ve got to start somewhere. –Thomas Mulready

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