Doug Trattner Talks About Lost CLE Dining Experiences at Creative Mornings Cle

Fri 11/15 @ 8:30AM

Anyone who is interested in food in Cleveland undoubtedly follows Doug Trattner, who has been writing the food news and reviews for first the Free Times and now Scene for more than 15 years. He’s always the first to try and write about some obscure neighborhood ethnic eatery or break the scoop on a chef change or new establishment in the works.

He’s the next speaker at the monthly Creative Mornings Cle, a breakfast program that offers a light meal, coffee and some ideas to chew on. This month’s theme is “Lost,” and he’s going to talk about Cleveland’s “lost” culinary history using his collection of menus heisted from long-gone area restaurants. If he’s honest, he’ll talk about how terrible most of them were (you really miss the New Spaghetti House and Captain Frank’s? Yuk) and how fortunate we are to have the food scene we have today, with more options and more vegetarian choices!

Creative Mornings Cle moves around to different locations, and this month it moves to the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory “because there are lots of lost things to find nestled in their workshop,” they claim.

The program is free but you must register. Go here.

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