Animal Behavior Expert Does Presentation at Forest City Brewery

Photo by Anastasia Pantsios

Tue 11/19 @ 6-8PM

Why does my dog cower when he sees something orange? Why does my cat keep putting catnip mice in her water bowl? Come find the answers to such questions when animal behaviorist/vet tech/certified cat behavior consultant Tabitha Kucera does a presentation called “Pints for Pets: Communicating with Your Pet” at Forest City Brewery.

She’ll do a talk about understanding pet behaviors and communicating with your furry friend (or not-so-furry friend if you have a Sphinx cat or a greyhound) about issues you may have. There’ll be a Q&A afterward where you can ask about whatever’s on your mind — or your pet’s.

Tickets are $20 or two for $35, which includes a pint of beer or cider. The event is a benefit for Neighborhood Pets Outreach and Resource Center which provides basic services and care to low-income pet owners.


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