The Whiskey Daredevils Release Yet Another Album at Grog Shop Show

Fri 10/25 @ 9PM

The Whiskey Daredevils have been rocking Cleveland (and parts unknown) steadily for nearly two decades — longer if you count their previous stint with the band they evolved from, the Cowslingers.

The band launched in 2003, after Cowslingers guitarist Bobby Latina (currently in roots rockers the Jack Fords) retired from the road. The other members changed their name and continued on playing the same type of music: a blend of smart-alecky country punk and serious songs infused with classic, old-school country influences. The band’s hallmarks have always been high-quality songwriting and a high-energy, entertaining live show. Vocalist/frontman Greg Miller and drummer Leo P. Love are the band’s solid rocks; original bassist Ken Miller was replaced by former Lords of the Highway bassist Rebecca “Sugar” Wildman some years back. Guitarist Hex Mattos joined the crew in early 2018.

What’s really unusual about the Whiskey Daredevils is how they keep priming the pump with new material. Since 2003, they’ve released more than a dozen albums, a release rate few bands keep up, let alone one that’s mainly a local band (although they play some festivals and out-of-town dates each year, and even an occasional short European tour).

So no one should be surprised they’ve got another one coming out this week. It features 15 tracks, which the band has already been working into their sets over the last year to positive response. It’s their first with the current lineup and yhey say it’s their “best sounding record ever.” But they would say that! It’s available on limited-edition gold vinyl, a CD featuring three bonus tracks, or as a digital download.

You can check it out at their release show at the Grog Shop, where they’ll be joined by the Torments and Bad Hooks. Admission is $10.


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