Local Comedian Jerry Jaffe Will Rant About Science & Religion at 78th Street Studios

Sun 10/20 @ 7:30PM

 In his daily job, Jerry Jaffe is an associate professor of theater at Lake Erie College, where he teaches acting — and stand-up comedy.

He knows whereof he teaches because he is also a professional stand-up comedian. And he’s put together new live satirical comedy show called The Comical Heathen, described as “one man’s weird and wonderful journey into the world of religious satire.” He’ll be dedicating each episode to ranting about something in the news that gets him going, relating to either religion or “pseudoscience.” He’ll certainly have no shortage of material but he’d better watch out for the thin skins of some of those so-called “Christians.”

“The biggest challenge has been to find the right voice — I don’t want to be as angry as Jim Jefferies or condescending like Bill Maher,” says Jaffe. “I guess what I’m going for is ‘annoyed teacher who is sick of having to answer the same dumb questions’!”

He’ll be debuting the show at Not Your Parents’ Basement at 78th Street Studios. Tickets are $5. Buy them here or at the door.


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