Learn How Mushrooms Benefit Health & the Ecosystem in Film at Capitol Theater

Tue 10/22 @ 7:30PM

My best friend and I are always arguing about mushrooms. When we eat outm she always checks to make sure what she ordered doesn’t have any. I say “Put them on my plate!”

In fact, these fungi came in an amazing various of shapes, sizes, colors and tastes — and it’s become trendy to go on foraging trips to find them growing in the woods (Make sure you go with an expert though, because some varieties are poisonous!)

The movie Fantastic Fungi looks at the science and uses of mushrooms, and learn about the growth habits of these often odd-looking objects, which are neither strictly plant or animal. It draws on input from doctors, foodies, ecologists and both professional and amateur mycologists (mushroom experts) to shed light on these fungi which seem to crop up like magic at unexpected times and in unexpected places. It also look at how mushrooms might have positive impacts on both personal health and the health of our ecosystems.

Fantastic Fungi will screen at the Capitol Theatre, where members of the Ohio Mushroom Society will be present to share even more fun facts about mushrooms.

 After the film, there will be a discussion and Q&A with Cleveland Metroparks naturalist Debra Shankland, “Mushroom Guru” Walt Sturgeon, and Ohio Mushroom Society members Pauline & Peter Munk.



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