Groovy Waterband Holds 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert

Sat 11/2 @ 8PM

Cleveland’s long-running Waterband called its music “folkadelicfolkpop,” but at heart it was a jam band, which spread good vibes around Ohio and more remote parts of the region from 2000-2013, including at its annual Waterbandfest at (where else?) Nelson Ledges. It was, says their bio, founded by frontman “Dreadlock Dave” McDougald and John Welton, when they were “inspired by a higher calling and deep desire to send sincere positive vibrations into the universe through expressive musical improvisation and thoughtful musical and lyrical composition.”

You know — a jam band.

The band released six groovy CDs before splitting up due to lack of proximity of the members, but they have done periodic reunions (McDougald still plays around town with the sunny, tuneful Big Ship). They’ve got one coming up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their founding. McDougald and Welton will perform with other Waterband members who “flowed” through the band — Ryan Mitiska, Taylor Netzler & Ryan Bair — at the Beachland Ballroom.

They’re also hosting balloon artists Dizzy Doc and live painter Trey Berry to make things even more festive, and are promising some “musical surprises.”

Tickets are $20.


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