Four Artists Look at Their Identities in Figurative Work at CIA Fall Show

Work by Haley Josephs

Fri 11/1 @ 6-8PM

In the abstract expressionist years and the years following, figurative artists were often given short shrift. That changed a lot in the 80s, and artists have continued to find new ways to reinvent art that features recognizable images.

The four artists in Getting to Know You, which opens at the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Reinberger Gallery, use art to explore their own identities and those of people around them, sometimes in a serious and powerful way and sometimes with humor.

Colombian-American sculpture Natalia Arbalaez searches for her national/ethnic roots through her fantastical sculptured figures, with overtones of folk art. New York-based Julie Heffernan’s paintings are intricate and ornate, packed with surrealistic elements. Haley Josephs paints her young women hyper-realistically but in vivid, unnatural colors that give them a haunting strangeness. And New York-based Devan Shimoyama expresses his queer black identity in colorful self-portraits that include a variety of symbolic elements.

The show opens with a free, public reception Fri 11/1 @ 6-8pm and remains on view through Fri 12/13.

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