Dark & Fabulous


We can embrace our darkness without fear. Our artists will show us how.

We can do better when it comes to representing women in our culture, so the Akron Symphony is focusing on women composers this season with their project Stand Beside Her, recognizing that 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, kicking off this week with British composer Ethel Smyth. Stacy Abrams narrowly lost the recent Georgia governor’s race and has since become an activist for fair elections, and she speaks at the SEUI Local 1999 Hall in AsiaTown this week.

Akron native Neil Zaza is an internet sensation and has millions of followers around the world, so when he brings his One Dark Night… back to the Akron Civic, he’s featuring a few well-known friends and collaborators. Dancing Wheels, the world’s first dance company to work with both “stand up” and “sit-down” dancers, is embarking on a tour to Beijing’s Luminous Festival, then returning to moCa in a few weeks. BOP STOP celebrates 5 years of rebirth with sax player Chris Coles’ Nine Lives Project, which confronts racism. Dark? Maybe. But we tend to look on the brighter side. –Thomas Mulready

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