Bluegrass-y Illinois Band Old Salt Union Returns to Riverdog Barn

Fri 10/11 @ 7:30PM

Old Salt Union hails from Belleville, Illinois on the western border across from St. Louis. It’s practically in the south, in a part of the state we Chicagoans often refer to dismissively as “downstate,” and not exactly a trendy hipster locale. So the five-year-old string-playing quintet has forged its own musical path, based in the old-time bluegrass music of Bill Monroe and Del McCoury, but liberally infused with jazz and indie rock influences that place it squarely in the “newgrass” camp.

“Old Salt Union is a string band founded by a horticulturist, cultivated by classically trained musicians, and fueled by a vocalist/bass player who is also a hip-hop producer with a fondness for the Four Freshmen,” the band’s bio tells use. “It is this collision of styles and musical vocabularies that informs their fresh approach to bluegrass and gives them an electric live performance vibe that seems to pull more from vaudeville than the front porch.”

The band released its sixth album Where Dogs Don’t Bite, this past August. They’ll be returning to the Riverdog Barn in Lorain County, a rustic setting that’s a favorite of many bluegrass-derived groups, where they played in 2017. Admission is $17 at the gate, $5 for kids and full-time students with ID. And Lorenzo’s wood-fired oven is back with their $9 pies, although of course you are welcome to bring your own food and beverages as well.



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