Author Talks About the Russian Punk Scene at Mac’s Backs on Coventry

Thu 10/10 @ 7PM

During the Soviet years, access to western rock music in Russia was erratic. Records weren’t as available, and had to be smuggled in, so what people there were aware of was often based on the diligence of underground networks, such as those in the punk and metal scenes. Likewise, the music created by Russians influenced by what little they could get their hands on wasn’t widely available in Europe and the U.S.

Longtime punk/hardcore Alexander Herbert is a scholar of the history of the Soviet Union’s later years. He’s written a book that looks at Russia’s underground punk scene, from the late 70s through today, from scenes in major cities like Moscow to those in obscure outposts. He’ll be talking about that book What About Tomorrow?: An Oral History of Russian Punk from the Soviet Era to Pussy Riot at Mac’s Backs on Coventry.

It’s free and open to the public.


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