Author Talks About Ohio Ghost Stories @ Mac’s Backs on Coventry

Sat 10/26 @ 7PM

There seem to be a million books about ghost stories and creepy legends in every city/state/region of the country. Pick up a book about Pittsburgh ghost stories or Tallahassee ghost stories and you’ll almost certain to read the same story about the murdered little girl whose ghost haunts the bridge deep in a dark, wooded road.

Why are there so many? Because people love this stuff! And they especially love it around Halloween, a holiday wrapped around ghosts, goblins, ghouls and other scary stuff that may or may not be real.

William Krejci, who wrote Ghosts and Legends of Northern Ohio, Haunted Franklin Castle and Haunted Put-in-Bay (where he’s a seasonal park ranger, so he knows all the areas haunted by drunk party animals, howling the lyrics to Pat Dailey songs), will be at Mac’s Backs on Coventry to satisfy this seasonal craving. You’ll hear about haunted inns and haunted taverns and a haunted lock on the Ohio & Erie Canal, and of course, the ubiquitous story of Gore Orphanage in Lorain County where a fire allegedly killed many children back in the 1800s, who haunt the area to this day. This may be one of the stories Krejci promises to debunk (it never happened, say historians of the area; the supposed wails of dead children are actually trucks crossing a nearby bridge on the Ohio Turnpike). Others …. well, who knows.

The event is free and open to all.


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