Akron Rapper Floco Torres Talks About “Flow” at CreativeMornings CLE

Fri 10/18 @ 8:30AM

CreativeMornings CLE is a monthly program for all you early risers out there. Each month at a different location, it offers a light breakfast, coffee and a speaker on the topic of the month, which is chosen by the international network CreativeMornings CLE is part of.

This month the topic is “Flow,” and the speaker is Akron-based hip-hop artist and community/festival organizer Floco Torres, a relative newcomer to the area (about three years) who has dedicated himself to helping to build the music scene in his adopted hometown. As a transplant, he knows a lot about “going with the flow.”

The program takes place at Coco’s Chalky Paint in the 5th Street Arcade. It’s free but space is limited so only register if you really plan to get up and go. Register here.


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