Talespinner Children’s Theatre Travels to Nepal for “Himalayan Dreams”

Sat 9/14-Sun 10/6

Talespinner Children’s Theatre has taken its audience on a variety of journeys in its productions, which are based in legends, lore, fairytales and myths from all over the world.

For its next production, Himalayan Dreams (A Tale of Nepal) it travels to the globes highest mountain range to meet a young boy who is a Sherpa, one of Nepal’s native tribes, known for their role in leading mountaineers up Mount Everest and other peaks in that vicinity. Of course, he too dreams of climbing Everest, following in the footsteps of Sherpa legend Tenzing Norgay, who, along with Sir Edmund Hilary, was the first person known to have reached the summit of Everest in 1953. His own father, a porter for climbing groups, also provides a path marker for him.

The show is directed by Talespinner founder Alison Garrigan, who recently announced her retirement from her role as artistic director, but will continue to be involved creatively with the theater.

Himalayan Dreams runs Fridays @ 7pm and Saturdays and Sundays @ 3pm through Sun 10/6. Tickets are $10-$18; Fridays are also pay-what-you-can performances. In addition, there will be sign language interpreters at certain performances; check the website.


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