Author of Book About the Koch Brothers Speaks @ Hudson Library

Mon 9/16 @ 7PM

Don’t think that because rightwing billionaire David Koch has passed away his influence has evaporated. He and his brother Charles seeded a network of organizations that has expanded their control over politicians, state legislatures, state elected officials, Congress, and now, the White House. For decades they operated in secrecy, and they became outraged and styled themselves as victims when people started to become aware of them in the last decade.

Business reporter Christopher Leonard (The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek) is the author of Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America, the depressing story of the fossil fuel magnates’ growth in power in a way that has excluded more and more people from any shot at the so-called “American dream” and left behind a ravaged landscape.

Leonard will be speaking at the Hudson Library. Learned Owl Book shop will be providing copies of Kochland for purchase and signing. The event is free, unlike purchasing a politician to do your bidding. Register here.


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