Upcycle Parts Hosts Creative Challenge Maker Event for Kids

Sat 8/17 @10:30AM-noon

Upcycle Parts on St. Clair is a nonprofit that collects castoff office supplies, building materials, crafting and sewing items and other odds and ends and sells them cheap to artists, crafters, teachers and others to make things out of and reduce the waste stream.

They also do upcycling events in the community to teach people how to create intriguing items from trash, as well as host crafting events at their shop’s workshop space. This weekend they’re holding one just for kids: Upcycle Mini Makers: Upcycle Buffet Challenge.

As they describe it, “it’s less of a workshop and more of a non-competitive, zany challenge-meets-party where you’ll get to upcycle creations based on a set of prompts from us. We’ll supply more pieces and parts than you could imagine, and you’ll bring the enthusiasm and innovation needed to create some truly fabulous objects to take home.”

Prompts could include things like “upcycle your new family pet” or “create a crown for your grownup to wear. ” Kids and their adults work together to make these challenges realities. There’ll also be snacks (you can also bring your own) and lemonade, and participants get to take home whatever they’ve made.

Adults may bring up to three children each, ages 3 and up. An adult and one child is $16; two children is $21, three is $26.


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