The Feast Fills Little Italy’s Streets Once Again

Thu 8/15 @ noon-11pm

Fri 8/16 @ 6pm-midnight

Sat 8/17 @ noon-midnight

Sun 8/18 @ noon-11pm

The Feast is … the Feast. And if you are a Clevelander you know just what to expect: four days of Mayfield Road closed off and packed with people and food concessions from local restaurants, live music (both ethnic Italian music and rock & blues bands), rides in the parking lot of Holy Rosary Church and a casino inside the church hall.

Oh yes — for you non-Catholics, it’s actually a religious event, not merely an eat-a-thon. It honors the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. It kicks off @ 10am Thu 8/15, the actual day of celebration, with a mass conducted by Cleveland bishop Nelson Perez, followed at 11:15 by the solemn procession, starting at the church, through the streets of the neighborhood.

The whole thing closes down on Sunday 8/18 after participants have eaten so much they swear they won’t eat for a year, with an 8pm mass, a candlelight procession @ 9:30pm, followed by fireworks at Tony Brush Park. If you hate crowds, stay away. If you find them exciting and energizing and love loads of activity in close quarters, this is the festival for you.

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