Cleveland Pagan Pride Celebrates a Decade of Diversity in Bedford

Sat 8/24 & Sun 8/25 @ noon

The theme of the 10th annual Pagan Pride Festival, taking place in downtown Bedford, is “A Decade of Diversity,” and these gentle souls, many of whom practice pagan spiritualities such as Wicca, would undoubtedly be cordial to the right-wing “Christians” who revile them.

If you go, expect to see women in Stevie Nicks-style long, flowing dresses, vendors offering crystals and oils and dreamcatchers, and musicians playing a variety of uplifting and community-embracing sounds from the Irish folk of Mossy Moran to the Luckey Ones’ bluegrass to Brian Henke’s acoustic instrumental guitar playing. Other performers include the Shuvani Dance Company, the preternaturally sunny Dreadlock Dave & friends, the Round Table, Reigenleif, Burning Sage, and headliners Tuatha Dea, a band of mostly related members — sisters, spouses, kids — who describe themselves as “pure Appalachian gypsy rock.” They’ll perform following a drum circle at 8pm Saturday and 4pm Sunday.

Each day kicks off with an opening ceremony at noon, and a closing ceremony winds the whole thing up around 7 on Sunday. It’s free and all are welcome, as long as they bring good vibes and no judgment.



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