Cavotta’s Tomato Festival Returns Just in Time for Peak Tomato Season

Sun 8/25 @ 1-5PM

This is the time of year tomato lovers eagerly anticipate: it’s when those juicy fruits are rapidly ripening on their vines, delivering the sort of peak flavor that a winter tomato can never duplicate.

It’s why this is the time of year for the Cavotta’s Garden Center Tomato Festival, now in its fourth year. The Collinwood garden center, opened in 1930 by current owner Angela Cavotta’s grandfather and inherited by her from her father in 2006, is known for its huge range of tomatoes, which Angela starts from seed in her greenhouses. Around 150 types of starter plants are available there each spring, and she plants her own for sale to customers.

If you’d like to sample some of the range of tomatoes that go far beyond what’s available in the grocery store, and taste some of the amazing things that can be done with them, you’ll want to quickly snag a ticket to the tomato festival, which are only available in advance. The $35 ticket includes food from a dozen local restaurateurs, tomatoes to taste, a cash bar, which includes tomato-based specialty drinks, raffles and live music. This year there will also be a judging for best food created with tomatoes by the participants. Be sure to stop and say hello to the goats!


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