Artist Lady Noel, New to Town, Mounts Her First Cleveland Show

Fri 8/16-Fri 9/20

Artist Lauren-Mckenzie Noel aka Lady Noel is a newcomer to Cleveland who arrived from West Palm Beach. She uses herself and other people she meets as the raw material for many of her paintings, which she says deal with race, diversity and her own identity as a woman who is both black and white. Her portraits are often composites of those people, or wholly imagined, rendered in the sorts of vivid colors you’d expect from someone who hails from sun-drenched Florida.

Clevelanders can get to know the artist and her work when she has a solo show called SELF, featuring nudes and self-portraits on canvas, at the new KINK Contemporary at 78th Street Studios. It opens Sat 8/17 and runs through Fri 9/20. You can also preview the world at Third Friday, 8/16 @ 5-9pm.


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