Learn the History of Summit Metro Parks’ Cave Onsite at “Ask an Archeologist”

Mon 7/29-Fri 8/2 @ 11AM-noon

Each day this week, the Summit Metro Parks will be conducting “Ask an Archaeologist” session at the Old Maid’s Kitchen/Mary Campbell Cave rock formation, to share the historic and geological background of this formation in Gorge Metro Park at 1160 Front Street in Cuyahoga Falls, as well as information about the work being done there.

There visitors can watch the archeologists at work and ask questions about the cave’s history and why the name Mary Campbell Cave is being dropped in favor of Old Maid’s Kitchen, a name often used for similar formations.

“There’s a great deal of local lore surrounding the rock cave at Gorge Metro Park and this work could help us better define its human history,” says Chief of Conservation Mike Johnson. “Our digs have uncovered some interesting finds in the past and we’re hopeful this one will shed some light on this local landmark.”

Go to summitmetroparks for more information.


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