Festival Latinos Internacional Showcases Local Latinx Culture @ Zone Rec Center

Thu 7/18 & Fri 7/19 @ 5-10PM

Sat 7/20 & Sun 7/21 @ noon-10PM

Cleveland’s west side is packed with Latinx people, especially Puerto Ricans, and damn it, it’s time to celebrate that they’re here and tell anyone who says they should “go back to where they came from” to put a sock in it. (Puerto Ricans are Americans, by the way: someone tell Donald Trump the news).

So come on out to Festival Latinos Internacional at the Zone Recreation Center on the edge of the Gordon Square District, whose theme this year is Taste of Cultura: Latino Makers Exposition.

As the event press release tells us, “Without the contributions of these Hispanic artists, craftsman, chefs, makers, business owners and other equally distinguished creative endeavors of Latino origin, the world might not be as bright and vivid as it is today.” Ditto Cleveland and the whole U.S. of A. So stop by and immerse yourself in this melting pot of art and handcrafts, music, dance, food, poetry and spoken word, live painting sessions, panel discussions and drink.

Thursday is Spanish winemakers networking night with seven featured winemakers. On Friday the focus is on visual artists. Saturday is the Caribbean Festival and Sunday the spotlight is on Mexico. Bring the kids down to this family-friendly event, even if — maybe especially if — you aren’t Latinx to show them the amazing contributions and cultures immigrants bring to this country.


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