Everyone Can Fish at Family Fishing Day at Rockefeller Park Lagoon


Sat 7/13 @ 9AM-2PM

If you go down to the marinas and breakwalls along Lake Erie, you’ll see a lot of people — mostly older men — sitting there surrounded by an array of fishing gear. But sometimes you’ll see them with their kids or grandkids, teaching the next generation their skills.

If there’s no family elder to do this (or even if there is), kids can learn the intricacies of catching their own dinner at the 18th annual Family Fishing Day, hosted by the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership at the Rockefeller Lake Lagoon.

The whole family can learn the secrets behind catching something, as well as how to identity and handle the various fish they might catch. In addition the event, which has the theme “Clean Water = Healthy Fish & People,” will give people a chance to look at aquatic life under a microscope, do some crafts project and enjoy a free hot dog. Kids 15 and under will get free equipment; while some will be reserved for walk-ups, it’s a good idea to register in advance to guarantee a free rod. If you plan to keep what you catch, bring a cooler with ice. No license is required.



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  1. Donna M. Edmondson

    Please include my three kids in this event.

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