“Denied Admission” at Gum-Dip Theater Asks Audience to Decide Who Should Be Given Aylum

Thu 7/25-Sun 8/4

Gum-Dip Theater in Akron will explore the barriers asylum seekers deal with when facing their “credible fear interviews” in their new piece Denied Admission. The performance will take the audience into the rooms of the legal system, to the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and show the stories of those needing a home. 

The script was devised from the transcripts of real credible fear interviews, and follows the stories of three individuals migrating from Guatemala, Honduras and Somalia. 

At the end of the performance, audience members will be asked to consider whether they think each of the characters in the play would be granted asylum or not — an anonymous survey to test and see how they perceive. Have the characters truly proved that they are afraid for their lives? 

Following this survey, an advocate currently working with asylum seekers will talk with the audience about lingering questions and comments and provide a professional, first-hand point of view. 

Showtimes at The Center in Akron: 

July 25-27 @ 8:00pm

July 28 @ 2:00pm

August 1-3 @ 8:00pm

August 4 @ 2:00pm

Tickets can be purchased in advance here or at the door for a pay-what-you-can rate. 25% of every ticket will be donated to the Akron Interfaith Immigrant Advocates, who provide legal aid to asylum seekers. 

[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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