COOLNEWS: Kent’s WKSU 89.7 FM Broadcasts Five-Part Series on the NE Ohio Watershed

Still haven’t had enough of learning about the Cuyahoga River and its watershed after the Cuyahoga50 and Xtinguish celebrations in late June and the months-long lead-up of special programming?

Tune in to Kent’s public radio station WKSU 89.7FM, currently broadcasting its five-part Watershed series. It explores the current condition of the Cuyahoga, Ashtabula and Black rivers, their potential uses and challenges and how they impact their surrounding region. The second part, broadcast during the week of July 1 will look at how the emptying of the rivers into Lake Erie affects conditions in a lake, as well as other challenges the lake faces, such as algal blooms and invasive species. Joy Mulinex, the governor’s director of the Lake Erie Commission, is the guest.

Future segments include how competing interests are staking their claim on the Cuyahoga (week of July 8), how the Cuyahoga fire of 1969 ignited the environmental movement (July 15) and the watershed’s future (July 22).

Go to for more details and broadcast times. The segments can also be listened to online.




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