Common Not Common

Unique? We think so. No place else is known for a burning river. Rock and roll’s hometown. Eternal underdog. But you knew that.

Yes, we have issues. And we’re working them out with conversations happening at more than 90 (!) host sites repeating the mantra, “My environment was…, My environment is… My environment will be…” We’ll be standing in for 1000s of homeless youth, living a plastics-free July, rocking the docks in Akron, hanging out on the front porch of the library, and learning why it’s not a good idea to punch a Nazi in the nose, even if you really wanted to.

We’re also going to have some good clean fun with the GlamCore Drag Show, a Stiv Bators DVD release, the Akron Honey Market Day, the new Edgewater Street Fest, the Rock Hall’s Fam Jam and a JazzFest for the ages. This week’s CoolCLE PODCAST turns to face Fairport Harbor and, as is common, throws the spotlight on some new music from our home. Enough said. –Thomas Mulready

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