Columbus’ Whirlybirds Bring Their Lively, Eclectic Jazz to the BOP STOP

Fri 7/5 @ 8PM

Like Cleveland, Columbus has a thriving community of jazz musicians. The six-piece ensemble the Whirlybirds formed there about three years ago, drawing on classic early jazz sounds such as Dixieland, New Orleans jazz and other pre-World War II styles. Into this base it folds more modern influences of soul, funk and contemporary jazz.

The group features guitarist Joe Gilliland, keyboard player Jacob Campbell, upright bassist Trent Sampson, drummer Max Marsillo, trumpet player Nick Simko and clarinet/sax player Joe Brenneman. And they’ll be making the drive up I-71 to perform at the BOP STOP in Ohio City.

Tickets are $15.

After they perform, be sure to stick around for the late-night jazz jam session which starts at 11pm and continues until 2am, led by drummer Anthony Taddeo. That’s free.



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