Sacred River Walk Leads into Cuyahoga River Torchfest Celebration

Mon 6/17-Thu 6/20

Since the beginning of the year various organizations around the region have been hosting events dedicated to remembering the last Cuyahoga River fire on June 22, 1969, and celebrating the environmental movement it helped spark. All of these were leading up to the big blowout, the Xtinguish Torchfest, taking place Wed 6/19-Sat 6/22.

But the tribute actually begins on Monday when Ojibwe elder Sharon Day begins a four-day walk at the Cuyahoga River’s headwaters. She and the group she leads will carry the sacred river water to its mouth where it empties in Lake Erie. Even if you didn’t sign up to be a walker, you can follow the group’s progress here: sacred-river-walk-map



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