North Coast Men’s Chorus Concert Will Burn Like the Cuyahoga Used To

Photo by Jim Greenfield

Sat 6/15 @ 8PM

Sun 6/16 @ 3PM

Everyone else is doing water-themed activities this month leading into the celebration of the last Cuyahoga River fire 50 years ago, and the subsequent launching of the environmental movement.

The North Coast Men’s Chorus marches to the beat of its own drum — they did water back in March. But they’ve found a way to get into the game: their upcoming concerts are called “Burn Baby Burn” and celebrate not only the 5th anniversary of that fire, but also of another one: the famous Stonewall uprising of June 1969.

“While they are totally unrelated, we have figured out how to merge them into a concert that will look at our past, our present, and our future. Come and celebrate how far we have come — both as a region and as a community,” they say.

Regardless, expect things, as usual, to be smoking hot when the NCMC takes the stage at John Carroll University’s Kulas Auditorium. Tickets are $10-$50.


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