New Centennial Peace Plaza at Cultural Gardens to Be Dedicated

Tue 6/11 @ 6-7PM

The Cleveland Cultural Gardens along what’s now Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Rockefeller Park debuted in 1916 with a single garden: the British Garden. It quickly added 15 more between 1926 and 1940, with another five trickling in between 1958 and 1985.

But the new millennium has seen an explosion of new gardens, as the diversity of ethnic groups inhabiting the city has grown. The Vietnamese Garden was authorized just four years ago, and an Ethiopian Cultural Garden is currently taking shape to the north of the current gardens, making the overall mix a bit less Eurocentric.

There’s another addition on the drawing board too: the Centennial Peace Plaza, dedicated to the idea of all these different cultural groups having a common meeting place. Programming is set to begin next year at the $800,000 environmentally friendly plaza. The plaza, which will include a circular space with theatre-style seating, will serve as a unifying feature for the gardens.

This week, there’ll be a dedication ceremony Tue 6/11 @ 6-7pm with Mayor Frank Jackson and other local dignitaries. There’ll also be music and light refreshments. It’s free and all are welcome.

Cleveland Cultural Gardens


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