Lottery League’s Big Show MMXIX Takes Place at Ingenuity Labs

Sat 6/8 @ noon

In basements and garages, in living rooms and rented practice spaces, random groups of musicians have been practicing for nearly two months, trying to figure out what kind of music to make with this bunch of strangers they’ve been through together with.

That’s right: it’s time for the triennial Lottery League, where names of participating musicians are drawn to assemble brand-new groups, the only requirement being you’ve never played with or dated any of the other members. These new bands then have to come up with a name, a coherent style and 15 minutes’ worth of tunes — in time for The Big Show.

That show takes place this week at a new location: the Ingenuity Labs @ the Hamilton Collaborative Warehouse. Oregon Space Trail of Doom will kick things off with a special set, followed by the 38 new bands comprising 152 musicians formed for this year’s event, the 5th Lottery League. It’s free.


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