Learn Whether You Should Punch Nazis at Visible Voice Books

Thu 6/27 @ 6:15PM

No doubt some of you have had it up to HERE with talk of civility, kindness, bipartisanship and offering an “understanding” ear to people with different opinions who only want to tell you that your ideas are evil and that facts are “fake news.” And maybe news items about neo-Nazis, white nationalists, xenophobes, racists, gun-toting misogynists or those so-called “pastors” calling for the government to start executing gay people make you want to take a swing at them.

In this current climate, the Western Reserve Philosophical Society has its work cut out for it when it presents a program called “Punching Nazis: Civility, Violence and the Limits of Tolerance” at Visible Voice Books in Tremont. It’s described as “a short presentation followed by a deep and thoughtful conversation on civility, tolerance and violence in politics—and whether it’s okay to punch Nazis!”

Wait — give it a listen before you stand up and scream “YES! YES!” It’s free and open to all.


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