Learn How to Fight Abortion Bans at Shaker Heights Forum

Wed 6/5 @ 7PM

There seems to be no end to the lengths Ohio Republicans will go to strip women of control of their bodies and lives. Under former Governor John Kasich 22 new restrictions on abortion were passed, and recently Ohio became one of a half dozen states to pass a “Heartbeat” bill when essentially bans abortion.

It has plenty of other odious restrictions in the pipeline, such as banning private insurance from covering abortion and a proposal by state rep. John Becker that’s made Ohio a national laughingstock: it would prohibit insurance from paying to treat ectopic pregnancies, usually fatal if left untreated — unless the errant fetus was re-implanted in the uterus. That procedure doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, another state rep. Niraj Antani is proposing to require public schools to teach a fetal development curriculum that emphasizes extreme religious beliefs about the “humanity” of the fetus — in a bill that also bans teaching human sexuality.

Mississippi north indeed.

If you’re fed up and want to throw in with the fight against this woman-hating agenda, come out to Shaker Heights’ Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Center for a forum sponsored by the Shaker Heights Democratic Club and a dozen other Democratic and progressive groups for a program on the six-week abortion ban: “What It Means, What’s Ahead and What We Can Do.”

The speaker will be the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Kellie Copeland. All who care about every Ohioan, regardless of gender free, to make their own choices is welcome to attend.

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