HEDGE Gallery Hosts Visit to Artist Matthew Gallagher’s Studio

“Growth Mantra Yellowl,” encaustic on panel, 2019

Wed 6/26 @ 6-8PM

It’s great to browse galleries to look at artists’ work and see what speaks to you. But one of the great benefits of collecting local art is the opportunity to explore an artist’s work in depth and even get to interact with them and learn about their practice and their ideas.

HEDGE Gallery is planning a series of events throughout the summer and fall where are lovers can visit their artists in their studios, look at their work in progress and ask them questions about what they’re doing.

The first takes place Wed 6/26, visiting the studio of Matthew Gallagher, a multidisciplinary artist whose practice, we are told, “extends beyond various mediums and formats; it is entangled in his life, community practices, and care for his pet geckos. Gallagher works not only with paint, resin and inks, but also with people, supporting boundary-pushing experimental performance and sound artists at his studio and living space.”

Obviously it’s the kind of art where visiting the place it’s created offers new insights. The studio is at 2218 Superior Avenue in the Superior Arts District. HEDGE Gallery staff will be in front of the building to guide you to the right place.


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