Sculptor Fred Gearhart Holds His Annual Open House

Sat 5/25 & Sun 5/26 @ 1-7PM

Driving down Rydalmount Road in Cleveland Heights, just wet of Severance Center, you’d never guess that one of those neat single-family homes held a beautifully landscaped sculpture garden, packed with the work of the artist who lives there.

Fred Gearhart retired as a high school history teacher almost 20 years ago and began to devote most of his time to his work, creating mostly stone sculptures (with some wood and some cast bronze) in his garage workshop. And once a year he opens up his space to the public to browse, chat and hopefully purchase some of his work. More than 150 works, figurative and abstract, are nestled between the plants in all sizes, and mostly at affordable prices, whether you’re looking for a small decorative stone vast or a large, dramatic piece to put in your front hall. And Gearhart will be glad to show you his studio and talk about how he creates his pieces.

The open house takes place rain or shine. It’s free and open to the public.

Read more about Gearhart here.

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