Rock Hall Screens 1969 Stones Film “Gimme Shelter”

Wed 6/5 @ 7PM

The 1970 documentary film Gimme Shelter is perhaps one of the most notorious rock & roll films of all time. The Rolling Stones, then one of the biggest bands in the world, hired filmmakers Albert and David Maysles and Charlot Zwerin to follow their activities in 1969 as they recorded a Madison Square Garden concert for the live album Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out, released the following year, and worked on songs in the studio for 1971’s Sticky Fingers.

The filmmakers then followed the band on tour and captured the preparations for a huge free concert in California that would assuage the Stones’ bruised egos from not being part of Woodstock the previous summer (Mick Jagger had been filming a movie, and undoubtedly the band had no idea how significant the event would be). Little did they know that Altamont would be another cultural touchstone which many observers called the dark underside of Woodstock when a day of drugs, drunkenness, violences and fights ended with the Hell’s Angels, hired by the Stones to provide “security,” murdered an 18-year-old concertgoer. It was captured on film and appears in the movie.

The Rock Hall will show Gimme Shelter as part of its spring film series. It’s $5.50 for non-members, free for memers.

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