Good Goat Gallery Offers an Evening of Offbeat Vaudeville & Cabaret

Thu 5/23 @ 6PM

Brooklyn-based Goth-style folk cabaret act Charming Disaster has established a beachhead in Cleveland at Lakewood’s Good Goat Gallery where they made a couple of appearances last year, and where they return this week.

The duo of Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris draws on dark-hued sources to inform their musical narratives of crime, death, love and the supernatural. Swirling around in their musical mix are murder ballads, the stories of Raymond Chandler, the work of Edward Gorey and the films of Tim Burton.

When they return, they’ll be joined for the evening by Cleveland vaudeville duo Pinch & Squeal, aka Jason and Danielle Tilk, whose sense of humor ranges from the dark to the zany.

Admission is $13.


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