Come to a Grown Up Game Night at Lilly’s Confections

Sat 5/25 @ 7-10PM

Games are not just for kids, as is evidenced by the explosion of venues such as board game cafes and pinball emporiums. Now Lilly’s Chocolates & Confections and the 2020 W Schaaf Galley in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood are getting in on it, sponsoring a Grown Up Game Night.

There’ll be board and group games to play, the popcorn machine will churning out hot, crunchy treats , and there’ll be sweets to sample. Games include Scrabble, Cards Against Humanity, Clue, Sorry, Life, Kerplunk, Monopoly, Jumanji, Go Fish Yourself and more. Each game winner gets to spin a prize wheel and win extra goodies.

Tickets are $25, which includes freshly popped popcorn, special confections and refreshments. Hurry and get them — space is limited. It’s 21 and over please.


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